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At Cash For Cars Lancaster, our primary goal is to serve the Lancaster community as a whole. With this in mind, we have designed our business with the ability to purchase a wide variety of vehicles. In fact, we very rarely refuse to make an offer on any type of vehicle that we are called about. Buying vehicles in large quantities also allows us to separate ourselves a bit from ever-changing market trends. This is good news for anyone who owns a difficult to sell vehicle. We still buy trucks that get lower MPG. We still buy vehicles that have body damage. We even buy vehicles that have an engine trouble!

Who We Buy From:

• Business Owners – People who rely on vehicles to make a living have a very difficult time replacing those vehicles when the time comes to upgrade because there is a stigma attached to well-worn vehicles. For instance, we buy cars from local cab drivers who have vehicles that have become unreliable. Often times, these cab drivers cannot afford to buy a new vehicle before they have sold third old one. This can become a problem if it takes too long to find a buyer. They may be forced to rely on a vehicle that is in constant need of repairs. We are able to help by offering to buy their vehicle quickly, allowing them to get back to work. In that vein, we regularly buy from hotels, restaurants, and care centers.

• Collectors – A large part of our business deals with buying vehicles that cannot be sold in the traditional market. Collectors oftentimes hold onto old vehicles for years, gambling that those vehicles will become worth something in the future. Oftentimes it pays off, but sometimes it does not. If you have a vehicle that is old and has been ignored by the trends of car collecting, it may be difficult to find a buyer. We buy vehicles of almost every make, model, and year. If the traditional or collectors markets aren’t viable options, give us a call to see what we can do for you!

• Everyone Else – We buy both foreign and domestic vehicles. We buy vehicles that have been in accidents or that have not been properly maintained. We buy cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, crossovers, and everything in between. We even buy vehicles that seem unsellable or that have been labelled “junk cars.”